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This week we are joined by Abby Rosenquist and Sammy Arechar! Clips this week from Live to Tape, The City Council Chronicles, Foreplay Radio Sex Therapy, StarTalk, Fitzdog Radio, and Terrible, Thanks For Asking. We discuss when we got our first cell phones,  The worst nickname you've used on someone? What business would you open in Cheyenne, WY? What's the last thing you planned on hating that you ended up loving? What is some good advice you've ignored? and, what is the last thing you purchased that made you feel guilty?

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This week we are joined by Andrew Polk and Byron Graham! Clips from Radiolab, Going Feral, Probably Science, Harmontown, Heavy Weight, and The Dollop. We discussed musical memories, how would you attack things if you had venom? Would you rather be double or half your size? What was the first movie that disappointed you? What TV character should be killed off? And, what product should be made by a different manufacturer?

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This week we are joined by AJ Finney and Matt Orin at The Comedy Room Room. Clips this week from The Bugle, Handsome Rambler, The Boogie Monster, Going Feral, My Fantasy Wife, Crimetown, and Empty Girlfriend. We discuss what's the weirdest thing you've done after a breakup? If you could shoot any liquid out your nipples what would it be? Would you trade your life for one twice as long at turtle speed? Worst road trip you've been on? How would you assassinate someone using household objects? And Aliens. Check out our sponsors Pod Hive, Hemp Box, Uncalled Four, Sexy Pizza, and Sexpot Comedy!

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This week we are joined by Alonzo Bodden and Rion Evans to discuss ideal tests for leaders, things you've done to fit in, scary shapes, how did you find out what you were getting for Christmas as a child? have aliens visited earth?. Clips featured from Matt and Doree's Eggcellent Adventure, Tell 'em Steve Dave, The Boogie Monster, Lore, and Hardcore History.
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This week we are joined by Nate Craig to discuss trend setting, weird winking, using women's bathrooms, theme park ideas, and time travel. Clips this week from Cracked, The Boogie Monster, 5 Minute Marketing Podcast, All Fantasy Everything, and Jordan, Jesse, Go!

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Jackie Kashian of The Dork Forrest podcast joins us this week. Clips of the week from Harmontown, Back Seat Rider, Presidents Are People Too, and Hound Tall Discussion Series.

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Hey! This week we have Philly comics Chris O'Connor and Mekki Leeper with us. Clips this week are from Radiolab, Mysterious Universe, The Meateater Podcast, and Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. We also have a very interesting discussion up top about hacking. 

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Hey, we're back! Jake Browne has said farewell but we still have him on a few banked episodes, so you don't have to say goodbye yet. This week we are joined by Ron Babcock (Adams DeVine's House Party, Last Comic Standing). This week clips from Jordan Jesse Go!, Practical People, Modern Combat and Survival, The Podcast Digest, How Comedy Works, and Edumacation. 

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Eddie Pepitone, Matt Monroe, and Cody Spyker join us for #143. What TV show should your parents have used to teach you about sex? If you could replace one of your daily hygiene rituals with a pill, what would it be? What's the strangest way you've been paid? All this and more on the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast!

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Dana Gould and Dunn the Signtologist join us for 142. When was the last time that technology really screwed you over? What documentary subject and music genre would you combine? What did your dad turn you on to? All this and more on the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast!

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David Heti joins us for #141.

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Greg Proops and Deacon Gray join us for #140. Who would you intimidate? What happened to you at a sleepover? What would you download to your brain? All this and more on the Whiskey & Cigarettes podcast.

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Returning champion David Gborie returns for episode #134 of the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast.

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