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Comedians Christie Buchele and Haley Driscoll (Empty Girlfriend) join us for #94. If there was a disease named after you, what would the symptoms be? What's your favorite white trash food? If a sound could kill you, what would it be? All this and more on the Whiskey and Cigarettes Podcast.

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Comedian, actor, and writer Paul Mecurio (The Paul Mecurio Show on the Sideshow Network) joins us for #93. What's the most uncomfortable you've been on a drug? What toy did you never get? What age should we stop smoking pot every day? All this and more on the Whiskey & Cigarettes podcast.

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Comedian and podcast legend Wil Anderson (TOFOP) joins us for #92. How do you know you're in the illuminati? How would you like to be dressed when you're found dead? What household task would you teach your dog? All this and more on Whiskey and Cigarettes.

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Comedians Nate Bargatze and Jim Hickox join us for #91. What do people assume about your hometown? How do you eat food? What's the fastest you've had sex with a stranger? All this and more on Whiskey and Cigarettes.

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