Whiskey and Cigarettes Podcast

Pat Regan, Ahamed Weinberg, and Jay Weingarten join us for #89. Is John Denver creepy? When was the last time you had an erection around your parents? Who's your favorite late night host? All this and more on Whiskey & Cigarettes!

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Corey Rhoads and Greg Ellis join us for #88. Which soundtracks would you switch? What's your pimp name? When are you superstitious? All this and more on the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast!

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Hippie Man and Carey Denise join us for #87. What inanimate object would people have sex with in a show about your home town? If you could own one acre of land in the world, which one would you pick? Baths or showers? All this and more on the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast.

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