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Ron Babcock (Last Comic Standing) and Grant Pardee (Entitlement Podcast) join us for #86. What would you protest if people had to show up? When was the last time you were grounded? What's your favorite term for sperm? All this and more on the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast!

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Comedian Greg Baumhauer (Denver Westword's "dark-hearted prince of Colfax") joins us for #85. When was the last time you had a jello shot? What person of another race would you play in a biopic? Who's your worst fan? All this and more on the Whiskey & Cigarettes podcast!

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Comedians Anthony Crawford and Sean David join us for episode 84. What inappropriate movie did you watch with your parents? What's the worst thing you've told a new comic? What's your favorite euphamism for sex? All this and more on the Whiskey and Cigarettes Podcast.

Clips include FEaB, Jordan Jesse GO!, Nerdist, The Unicorn, These Things Matter, Empty Girlfriend, and more.

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It's a hostful! We return from summer vacation to bring you a hot new episode. What would you sell at a flea market? Which comedian could you lift? What non-domesticated animal would you live with? All this and more on Whiskey and Cigarettes.

Podcasts of the week include You Made it Weird, Radiolab, Ding Donger with Matt Braunger, Down With Joe DeRosa, Crabfeast, Penn's Sunday School, and more.

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