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Ron Funches (NBC's Undateable) and Aaron Urist join us for #78. How would you describe the women of your hometown? What's your favorite thing to eat you should be embarassed about? Have you ever deserved a raise? All this and more on Whiskey and Cigarettes.

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Mike Hammock (Four Horsemen of Comedy) and Chris Baker (Cartoons and Comedy) join us for #77. What's the weirdest thing you've been billed for? What's the worst lie you've been told? Who has seen your balls that shouldn't? All this and more on Whiskey and Cigarettes.

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It's a hostful! Jake, Jake, and Zac enjoy each other's company for #76. What's the best episode of Seinfeld? What would you jump out of a plane with? What's the drunkest you've been on a plane? All this and more on the Whiskey and Cigarettes podcast.

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A snowstorm and Mother's Day derailed our usual schedule, but here's a look (or listen) at Jake and Zac's new video podcast Comics Against Civility. A new, regular episode will be out tomorrow. 

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Patric Brown (touring with Mac Lethal) and Matt Wayman (The Comedy Kennel Podcast) join us for #75. Who did you hate on your block? What meaningless award will you win? What's the last b-hole you saw? All this and more on Whiskey and Cigarettes.

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