Whiskey and Cigarettes Podcast

Comedic synth-pop trio Ultra Sex Laser joins us for episode #65! Who's your favorite old person? Which test were you most nervous for? What are the punishment settings for your robot nanny?

Clips include The B.S. Report, The Dork Forest, Fitzdog Radio, Dinner Party Download, Tell 'Em Steve Dave, Harmontown, The Dana Gould Hour, The Naughty Show, Werewolf Radar, Man School, and Forward Thinking.

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Comedian Chris Charpentier (The Fine Gentleman's Club) joins us for this bonusode! What's the best strip club food? What small animal would you be the Godzilla version of? What's the strangest place you've masturbated? All this and more on this BONERSODE of Whiskey and Cigarettes.

Clips include The Crabfeast, Down with Joe DeRosa, Edumacation, Ding Donger with Matt Braunger, and Strange Times. 

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Comedians Chuck Roy (Louie Anderson Presents) and Eugene Kenny (The Euge! Show) join us for #64. When do you know it's time to hang it up? What's your worst nickname? Do you give a shit about the Olympics? All that and more on this episode of Whiskey and Cigarettes.

Clips include the Monday Morning Podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, Good Times with Steve Simeone, Scientific American,and Chewin' It.

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Comedians Adrian Mesa (3 Course Comedy Podcast) and David Glasspool join us for episode #63. What's the best restaurant by name alone? What's weird about your family history? What's the greatest picture? All this and more on this episode of Whiskey and Cigarettes.

Clips include The Smartest Man in the World, The Sklar Brothers, Fitzdog Radio, FEaB, Don't Ever Change, After The Illusion, My Dining Room Table, Benjamin Walker's Theory on Everything, Dick and Darren, and True Crime Time.

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Denver comedians Matt Monroe, Jim Hickox, Jordan Doll, Kristin Rand, Mara Wiles, and Kevin O'Brien join us for an audio-disaster on episode #62. We lost the back half to technical difficulties, but enjoy a clip-a-piece with some of our favorites in the city.

Clips include Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast, Star Talk Radio, Professor Blastoff, What Say You, and Edumacation.