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Writers John Wenzel (Rolling Stone, Denver Post, Chicken Scratch) and Josiah Hesse (Westword, The Spit Take) join us for episode 52. Who would you eat on death row? What's the dumbest city in America? What drugs have you done with your parents?  All this plus the GAMES ROUND on this episode of Whiskey and Cigarettes.

Clips include The Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr, Tell 'Em Steve Dave, Fitzdog Radio, The Crabfeast, You Made It Weird, Wits, Chewin' It, 3 Course Comedy, Ariel's Druidic Craft of the Wise, and Paranormal Underground Radio.

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Comedians Timmi Lasley and Nathan Lund come through for a BONUS episode (bonersode) before our 1 year anniversary. What is your biggest pet peeve in conversation? What are you doing that's good for you? What did you pay too much for because it was new? All this plus the GAMES ROUND on this episode of Whiskey and Cigarettes.

Clips include About Last Night..., What Say You?, Steven Brody Stevens Festival of Friendship, Your Mom's House, Wits, Cashing in with T.J. Miller, The Art of Wrestling, and The Drunken Taoist.

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Comedian Brad Williams (Mind of Mencia, Legit, About Last Night Podcast) joins us in studio for episode #51. What's the funniest thing to be beaten to death with ? Have you ever have a female pilot? What drink would you buy us? All this and more on Whiskey and Cigarettes.

Clips include You Know What Dude, FEaB, The Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr, What Say You, First Dates, Inside Reddition, Stuff Mom Never Told You, Foul Monkeys, and Bitch Radio.

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Comedian Jake Johannsen (HBO, Comedy Central, "Jake This" podcast) joins us for the big episode #50. What are you doing to get on TMZ? If you had a child that was just a detached body part, what would be your least favorite? If it was July and you walked into a ladies bedroom, what's the creepier decorations to have hanging up: Halloween or Christmas? All this and more on Whiskey and Cigarettes. 

Clips include Welcome to Night Vale, The Todd Barry Podcast, Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler, Walking the Room, Professor Blastoff, I Seem Fun with Jen Kirkman, Medical Spanish, and Psychology in Every Day Life.

Don't forget to check out Zac and Jake (Browne)'s newest podcast "Inside Reddition", a news podcast through the eyes of Reddit.

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Comedians Brett Hiker (NYC) and Mike Jones (Denver) join us, along with guest host and friend of the show Rick DeSimone. When was the last time you put sunscreen on a man? What fictional monster are you building a religion around? What are you asking the dead? All this and more on episode #49 of Whiskey and Cigarettes.

Podcasts include WTF with Marc Maron, Joe Rogan Questions Everything, Jake This, The Crabfeast, My Brother My Brother and Me, StarTalk Radio, By the way in conversation with Jeff Garlin, My Dining Room Table, Swing Life, The Kickass Life, and The People's Pharmacy.

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