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Karen Rontowski (comedian, paranormal expert, album President of the United States) and Deacon Gray (comedian, winner of the Great American Comedy Festival) joined us for #48. If you had to be a furry, which animal would you be? What famous book would you rewrite? What's out there? What's your favorite TV crossover? All this and more on Whiskey and Cigarettes.

Clips include Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler, The Crabfeast, Penn's Sunday School, Harmontown, Hollywood Handbook, Rehash, Comedy Above the Pub, Let My People Think, Werewolf Radar, and Monsters We Know.

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Noah Gardenswartz (@noahgcomedy) is in from NYC for episode #47. Which rapper are you beefing with? Have you ever lost a shoe or underwear? What's the longest set you've ever done? We're also proud to announce the return of GAMES! All this and more on Whiskey and Cigarettes.

Clips include the Monday Morning Podcast, Comedy Bang Bang, Doug Loves Movies, The Todd Barry Podcast, What Say You, Don't Ever Change, My Brother My Brother and Me, The K Ohle, Steve Agee Uhh..., and What's Good.

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Comedians Ben Adams and Chris Carlton (Sk3tchy Entertainment) join us for #46, Live from Jake's Food and Spirits. What kind of penis do you have? Would you rather be bitten by a shark or New Yorker? Would improv classes improve my lovelife? What teen idol did you want to be? All of this and more on Whiskey and Cigarettes. 

Clips include You Made it Weird, WTF, Nerdist, Comedy Bang Bang, Probably Science, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, Never Not Funny, and The Osgood Files. 

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Comedians Sam Tallent and Jacob Hamel join us for #45. When was the last time you wrote a letter? What audiobook would you narrate? How many pillows do you own? What fictional character from a commercial would you be? All of this and more on Whiskey and Cigarettes.

Clips include Comedy Bang Bang, Welcome to Night Vale, By The Way In Conversation with Jeff Garlin, Professor Blastoff, Tell Em Steve Dave, Fitzdog Radio, Cashing in with T.J. Miller, Newswhore with Mandy Stadtmiller, Will and Bobby Know Everything, and more.

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