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We keep the mics rolling for our first After Hours featuring Jim Hickox. We do a round of "This Day in History", plus talk about the films of James Cameron, cigarette alternatives, Scientology, lapt tops, and more. Stay tuned for Monday's episode with guests Steve Vanderploeg and Rick DeSimone. Have a great weekend, everybody! 

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Jim Hickox (comedian) remains in studio for part deux of Whiskey and Cigarettes Episode 16. We do a games round that includes Wits, the Triple Banger Lightning Round, and Comedy Bang Bang's "Would you rather?", then play clips from Pete Holmes' interview with Dane Cook, Fitzdog Radio, Totally Laime, Pod Awful and more. Visit the site for our sponsors: www.whiskeyandcigs.com

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Part one of episode 16 drops today, with Jim Hickox (comedian) joining us in studio fresh off Team DeSimone's Funny Final 4 victory at Comedy Works. We talk about his mad presence on Pinterest, drownding [sic], the sucker punch vs spitting in someone's face, National Treasure, the Christopher Walken zoo, which Denver mascot would you have sex with, sink urination, your AIM screenname, and much more. Visit www.whiskeyandcigs.com to see all of our sponsors and subscribe on iTunes!

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Eric Henderson (comedian, 3 Course Comedy) joins us for our quinceañera and we talk about the three ways you can cook vegetables, celebrity autographs, our moms, Colorado Springs, iPad games, radio nicknames, and more. Check out 3 Course Comedy at The Deer Pile on March 28th at 8PM and visit our sponsors at www.whiskeyandcigs.com.

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Eugene Kenny (comedian, Euge!) is here for a reunion of sorts, and we crank out one of our best episodes yet. Topics include fake lottery tickets, Eugene's N-bomb record, Quentin Tarantino's racist ass, odd podcast names,  pants crapping as a punishment, and what kind of virgins you'd want in heaven. Check out his show "Euge!" on Tradiov.com, like their Facebook page, and watch their live feed every Monday. This episode is brought to you by AdamAndEve.com1-800-FlowersPlus Sized Lingerie, and the Highland Tavern.

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Comedian D Kelley joins us in studio for a episode fraught with technical difficulties. Enjoy! Topics include lists of aliases, non-barnyard animals, a new Doug Loves Movies game, and the Almost Vagrants podcast. Check out the Almost Vagrants podcast and subscribe on iTunes. This episode is brought to you by AdamAndEve.com1-800-FlowersPlus Sized Lingerie, and the Highland Tavern.

This week's rundown:

Yo, is this racist? #94 - Julian McCullough -

Alison Rosen is your new best friend #155 - Jim Jefferies -

Uhh Yeah Dude #361 -

Mohr Stories #137 - John DiMaggio -

Monday Morning Podcast with Bill Burr - 2/25/13 -

Professor Blastoff #93 - Daniel Alberto -

Talkin' Shit with Eddie Ifft #212 - Ari Shaffir -

Cashing in with T.J. Miller #50 -

WTF with Marc Maron #365 - Darryl Lenox -

Girl on Guy #83 - Cash Levy -

Penn's Sunday School #53 -

Jordan, Jesse, Go! #264 - Dan Telfer -

Harmontown #46 - Ryan Ridley, Kumail Nanjiani -

Wits - Bobcat Goldthwait -

Fitzdog Radio - Greg Proops -

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