Whiskey and Cigarettes Podcast

We preview the High Plains Comedy Festival with Ben Roy (The Grawlix, Those Who Can't, SPELLS) and Andy Juett (Producer, “Clownmouth”  of The Mouthstepperz) in a very special Whiskey and Cigarettes. Included are soundbites from 12 different fest performers from podcasts they've been guests on or host themselves: Reggie Watts, Amber Tozer, Jake Weisman, Kate Berlant, Beth Stelling, Bryan Cook, Brendon Walsh, Cameron Esposito, Kurt Braunohler, Matt Braunger, Andy Wood, and Kyle Kinane.

Podcasts include Comedy Bang Bang, The K Ohle, Ding Donger with Matt Braunger, The Mental Illness Happy Hour, The Morning After... Podcast, Probably Science, Before You Were Funny, Hang Out With Me, Deep Shit with Baron Vaughn, Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction, and The Bone Zone. Also, check out My Dining Room Table, The Narrators, and These Things Matter recording live throughout the weekend.

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