Whiskey and Cigarettes Podcast

The Sklar Brothers (Sklarbro Country/County) and Mac Lethal ("Pancake Rapper", Irish Goodbye, Texts From Bennett) are in the house! Randy and Jason Sklar talk about never getting the "sex talk", paying Flo from Progressive out of their pockets, and advice they've received from everyone from Dave Attell to the legendary Lucien Hold. Then Mac Lethal and the boys head to the airport and cover punching a bartender he wanted to be friends with, how he mastered getting kicked out of school, and the drug dealer who left behind $96 in change because he was closer to his car than the register.

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A special thanks to The Releaf Center, The Sexy Shiekh, Spencer Johnson, Ultra Sex Laser, Megan Moore, Darci Septer, and Deb Browne for sponsoring this episode. 

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