Whiskey and Cigarettes Podcast

Comedians Chris Miller (The Chris Miller Show 6/29) and Jake Hamel (ROBOCOMICS on 6/22) stop by, as well as studio guest Benjamin Brant Bickham (The Locksmith, Jeff, Who Lives At Home) with Becker out on vacation. We've known Jake for a while but we had never met Chris, a wildman in his own right. We hear about Utica, bad decisions with ramps, and Chris brings not one, not two, but three women to the studio, shattering our previous record. What happened to episode #28? We'll never know.

Podcasts include Uhh Yeah Dude, Wits Radio, WTF with Marc Maron, Off The Air, Sklarbro County, Moisted, Comedy Bang Bang, Sadly Lacking Show, Zane Lamprey Show, Hang Out With Me, PRI: Selected Shorts "Rites of Passage", The Thing Is, Radiolab, Jargonorrhea, and more. A special corrections segment for our friends at HippoJuice, too.  Thanks to Denver's own Ultra Sex Laser (Facebook, Twitter) for the tunes this episode - catch them on the 27th at the one and only Voodoo Comedy Playhouse on 6/17. Follow Chris on Twitter (@chrismillertv) and check out his show again at the Voodoo where Zac will be doing his comedy song.

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